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Hello guys,

I hope you doing well in this quarantine.

I was working on this project since August 8, 2019

I have changed many things, fixed and I’d been working in something cool and “stable” with a new User Interface.

Without further ado, here are some game features/fixes and the links, I won’t write all the features because I lost the whole list, I could only get the patch 1.7.1 notes



Video Previews

[UPDATE 1.7.1]

  • [C] New Game Assets (Objects, Trees, Cars, Houses, Buildings, Cities)
  • [C] (12) Cars is now working all of them available in map spawn
  • [S] Game Loot data has been modified
  • [C] Desert Colorado & Colorado Sprint are now online
  • [C] Colorado maps have been received adjustments
  • [C] Music & Sound Controller Bug is now fixed
  • [C] Players List Update after logout issue is now fixed
  • [C] Some Tree branch was fixed.
  • [C] Clan (Guild) System has been fixed
  • [C] Clan (Guild) Name & Tag is now showing in Guild Board
  • [C] Search bar for Leaderboard, Clan List, Marketplace, Inventory has been added
  • [S] Server Region is now being configuring
  • [C] Tree Physx Adjusted
  • Tons of Backpack was added
  • Itemdb.xml has been modifying into different .xml files in PlayerConfig Folder
  • Fast Respawn + Inventory
  • Complete New User Interface rework
  • The set player in Prone after respawn
  • Loot Crafting Material – Metal – Wood – Rock like Money Loot
  • ShowMessage for Wood/Rock/Iron
  • Gas Pump (Fill Gas Pond)
  • Purge CharacterNew Folder in ObjectDepot
  • Function Code with 3D Models missed (fix these with new objects)
  • Scroll for all HUD – very hard to go down again just using a scroll mouse
  • Fix 3rd weapon bug – drop
  • Default Airdrop Items
  • Fix Language File (Clear all and set new)



  • Admin Accounts now can log in into private servers without input a password
  • .Scb to .Lua format has been changed, now the game can works only with .Lua as a universal game format


Common issues to be fixed

  • Melee Weapons keep placing in Wpn Slot 1, this cause Disconnect error
  • Respawn System sometimes make the player get disconnect errors
  • Supplies Loot Design item icons bugs (check .fla frames)
  • Disable crosshair png when player Aim in First Person

More Features

  • Complete Game UI Reworked
  • Desert Colorado Map with Default Loot Position with new game items
  • Terrain v3 Only
  • Mystery Box (pending)
  • AirDrop Supplies Box System
  • Case System (pending)
  • Construction System
  • Rare Sniper Loot
  • Spawn Protect System reworked (Spawn protect now has an undefined time unless you move the character to remove it)
  • Cooking Rack System
  • Water Pond System
  • Ladders System
  • Basic Taunts with Num Hotkeys. (pending)
  • New Brand Items
  • New Cosmetic items (pending)
  • Rent your favorite map for GC
  • Change Outfit (+ Hair Outfit, + Shoes Outfit) (pending)
  • Dead Player Backpack Loot System
  • FastLoad
  • Broken particle Issue for AMD Graphic devices fixed
  • KillerFeed System
  • KillStreak System
  • Respawn System
  • Mini Map System
  • Ping in Screen
  • Chaos System / Explosive Barrels
  • Zombie Glow Eyes
  • Huge Trees with Wind Animations
  • 10-sec Cooldown for AirDrop Controller
  • Can’t Call AirDrop in SafeZone
  • New Recoil Logic
  • And Much More inside! (more feature will be added to the text soon)


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